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Using Azure Scheduled Events to Prepare for VM Maintenance

Play Using Azure Scheduled Events to Prepare for VM Maintenance

The Discussion

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    the hyperlink for "Azure Scheduled Events" is not working. Does this only work with linux vms

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    Eric Radzikowski

    Thanks for notifying us about the broken link; it is fixed.

    Scheduled Events works for both Windows and Linux virtual machines.

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    Elnaz T

    This video was not helpful.
    1- No Scheduled event set up showed.
    2- First restart happened, then he sent a query.
    3- No advanced notice received.

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    Could you please add a section in the documentation on how do we set up alerts for scheduled events?
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    Enjoyed this demo, thanks.
    One concern I have is that we can discover that something is about to happen, for example the vm is to be removed. And we have a certain amount of time to prepare for that (save logs etc.) but what if that is not enough time - any plans to allow a request for a stay of execution, or even a deferral of the intended process?

    Use case: a virtual machine in a scaleset is processing a customer call. Azure determines that it should scale-in the number of vm instances because of the autoscale policy, but unfortunately chooses the vm that is still processing the call. No one knows how long the call is going to last but we know that in 15mins the call will be dropped when the system is stopped.

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