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I love storytelling in games. A lot of my favorite games have a strong, well written story to them, or use ways unique to the medium to convey the story.

My guest this week, Laura Michet, is a writer who makes stories that ride the line between novel and games called "Interactive Fiction"

Most of her games are text-based, where the reader clicks various text/links to interact with the story they are reading and move onto the next part. If you have not, I would highly recommend trying out one of her games first and then listen to the show, so you know what kind of games we're talking about.

I like to show off a different kind of indie game development that what people normally think of. I think interactive fiction will become more and more popular in the future, at least, I hope it will.

I know I felt inspired to finish my own long neglected visual novel project after talking with Laura, if you're interested in writing I encourage you all to try your hand at interactive fiction as well!

As always, special thanks to Microsoft for making the show possible.

Be Indie Now Episode 10

Show Notes:

Be Indie Now Episode 10

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Interactive fiction with Laura Michet


Tobiah Zarlez

Laura Michet

Special Thanks:

Microsoft, for allowing us to use their equipment and space.
Kenny Spade, for teaching me how to run a show.


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