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This week is a special episode of Be Indie Now.

Each panelist (Myself, and my two co hosts Aaron Weingarten and Ash Monif) is a past president of the "Game Development Club" at Cogswell College, the school we all went to. Ash was the founder of the club!

What is Be Indie Now? It's a new podcast about independent game development with me.

Today we talked about core indie gaming. Are casual and social games really more successful than core games? How do you compete making a harder core gamer focused experience? And what exactly does it mean to be a "Core Game" anyway?

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback about the show. Tell me what you think, send an email, and/or suggest topics for future shows.

Special thanks to Kenny Spade and Katherine Harris, who run the board during the show.

Be Indie Now Episode 3

Show Notes:

Be Indie Now Episode 3

Question of the day:

"How do Core Games work in the modern ecosystem of Casual and Social games?"


Tobiah Zarlez
Aaron Weingarten
Ash Monif

Special Thanks:

Microsoft, for allowing us to use their equipment and space.
Kenny Spade and Katherine Harris, for making the show run.


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