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At the heart of every computer, every operating system, every problem, is an engineer.  An engineer may not live the glorious rock-star life of your favorite musician, but it is through their efforts that the complex systems, that are more and more significant in our lives, are able to work. 
Often these engineers, as important as their roles might be in the systems that they oversee, will describe themselves as "just an engineer".  Perhaps that's sort of like Clark Kent describing himself as "just a reporter".  Today's guest might try to describe himself as "just an engineer at heart", but we'll see that he is a lot more than that.
Henry Sanders got his start at Microsoft in 1988, working on OS/2 and later Windows NT, which was a key turning point in Microsoft's history and its evolution of Windows.  Core infrastructure, and often the networking stacks, is what Henry focused on. Today he heads up the development team for Windows Phone and applies the same drive toward providing solidly built systems to this new and exciting platform that continues to illustrate the evolution of Windows and the applications that run on them.
Robert Hess moderates this edition of Behind the Code.



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The Discussion

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    Nice interview. I somehow miss the audience (makes the engineer feel a bit more like a rockstar...)

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    ah I like these old-skool guys.

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    Clive Taylor

    This reminds me a lot (certainly in the early parts of the interview) of conversations that I had with Henry in the Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street, London. From those conversations, I should have guessed "Hamlet"

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