Terry Crowley: On the History and Evolution of the Internet

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    Heh, I'm getting OLD I guess...

    my first modem was 300 Baud.

    I recall hearing on Genie and BBS's of this thing called "The Well" that seemed to be an "Elite Place".

    When GIF was all Compuserve and users had email names like "36467354"

    and finding my first dialup's that connected to UNIX boxes....

    and then Getting TCP/IP over PPP for 19.95 a month.

    and running support for an ISP and training about 20 guys/gals how to fix dialup problems for folks with all kinds of hardware and OS'es

    Windows 3.1,NT 3.5, WIn95-98, OS/2, Mac 6 /7
    and all that fun stuff....

    and having some lady say I was full of it when I told her to call US Robotics, she had an expensive modem/fax card that did fax ok and did 28.8 ok but was not doing the early 56K stuff right.

    then getting her on the phone a month later for a different support call and having her say she was sorry, that USR told her I was right Big Smile
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    I feel your pain.
    Back in the day I ran 25 line multinode Wildcat! BBS systems and paid out the nose to be HST compliant.
    I'm still experiencing Frontdoor withdrawal too. Embarassed 
    Anybody remember the Visual Basic Depot?
    Most all of my VB, C and C++ files are still available on Walnut Creek CDs.
    I never got paid for any of it.
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    Does anyone else think Terry looks like Lance Armstrong?
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    I started using the ARPAnet in 1975.  It seemed harmless enough at first, but within a few years I was spending my whole day reading E-mails from our Program Manager at ARPA.  The subsequent decades online have been, um, a mixed blessing... Perplexed
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    i've been using "internet" since 1990, and WWW since 1994 that makes 14 years, on that time Netscape 2 and 3 were the leading browsers... a 2400 bps modem was good enough and the "RIA" were called "Client /Server" and ran outside the browser, know we are getting a little step back... seems like Java Applets were not as wrong as they felt, they were just not as cute as they should.
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    He looks so young and yet he speaks like a veteran.. anyway thanks to their work, we have it easy today!
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    I had heard that Microsoft acquired Expression Web from another company. But Terry mentioned that some of his code from Front Page lives on in Sharepoint and Expression Web Designer. Did I hear wrong? What is the relationship between Front Page and Expression Web?

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