GoingNative 11: Inside Fresh Paint - A C++ + XAML + DirectX Windows Store App

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Fresh Paint is an excellent Windows Store App (for Windows 8). It's fun to use, realistic and beautiful ( yes, we really like this app Smiley ). In this episode we will meet the developers behind Fresh Paint, Subha Bhattacharyay, Adam Szofran, and  Kaushik Barat. Being native developers, they built their Windows Store app using C++. Being modern native Windows developers, they used DirectX and XAML (including DirectX running on XAML surfaces) to generate a beautiful UX with very realistic painting experiences - you can literally watch the paint dry Smiley . The team shares many details that should spark your imagination for writing compelling C++ Windows Store Apps using DirectX and XAML.

C++ + DirectX + XAML is an incredibly compelling combination (the simplicity of XAML and the power of DX, composed in C++). This is how you can really push the boundaries of what's possible for modern Windows apps.

So, go get this free Windows 8 app, make some art (mix different oil colors, zoom in, check out the realistic fluid dynamical effects). Then, come back and learn about what's going on inside of Fresh Paint and meet the developers who wrote it.

[00:00] GoingNative(); //Very quick ctor this month.
[01:34] Charles interviews the Fresh Paint development team
[40:04] ~GoingNative(); // Meet the new Visual C++ Community PM, Eric Battalio!!



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