VC++ Bytes 1-SP: C++ MVP David Cravey - Variadic Templates and more

Play VC++ Bytes 1-SP: C++ MVP David Cravey - Variadic Templates and more

The Discussion

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    Sorry, I didn't understand what he was saying... it sounded like "very ice" or "very eye" Expressionless 
    It would be helpful if you listed the feature's name in the video description:

    "We pulled David aside from the C++ MVP Summit this week to join us on FTVS13 - big thank you to him! David shares not only his delights with the new Visual Studio but also with C++ and the very eye feature.  We hope he enjoys the rest of the summit this week!"

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    @JohnMSMCT: Thanks for the feedback! The feature he was referring to was support for variadic templates, and has been added to the description.

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    dumbest format since quick lectures in GN 2013 that forced ppl to rush through slides...
    I mean 3 min video.... guy mentioned things for 15-30 mins of content...
    reflection lib, other lib...

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    @Ivan: This video series isn't designed as an information session, it's more like a shout-out to [usually C++ relevant] features that people are fond of in VS2013, and an encouragement to try out those features if it piques enough interest to the viewer.

    Would you be interested in a GN series that is more how-to/information based that is an improvement over the quick lectures?

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