Going Native 42: Bjarne Stroustrup interview at cppcon

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Don't Panic! The 42nd episode is here with a special guest: Bjarne Stroustrup is joining us from cppcon to share more about his historical cppcon keynote this week. His focus is on how we can all write good C++14 code. Before watching the full keynote recording, get a sneak peek in this short interview


  • [02:13] What is the keynote about?
  • [02:47] How do we write modern C++ code?
  • [03:46] Guideline support library and Static analysis
  • [04:39] Call to action for the C++ community!
  • [05:34] Enhancing productivity by eliminating whole classes of bugs
  • [06:01] Extending the C++ core guidelines
  • [07:44] What do you expect from these static analysis checkers?
  • [10:47] How can I get started?
  • [14:47] Other talks about this at cppcon





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