GoingNative 14: Image Processing, Image Watch, Exceptions

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The Discussion

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    Great to see the show back. I love the Image Watch plug-in and think its going to be rather for game developers too.

    When it comto to future shows it would be great to get an update where auto vectorization is going to next, Jim Hogg mentioned tthey there is much more advanced auto vectorization tech already in the labs, it just didn't make it onto the Visual Studio 2012 train.

    Also, whatever happened to native LINQ and native Rx. The Going Native episode for these technologies hinted at more to come but thus far I'm not aware of any real updates or 'packaged' releases.

    Lastly, and I appreciate he's probably super busy, could we get a 5 minute 'Herb update' - it would be great to hear from him a brief summary on how C++ 14 is coming along.

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    "Today at Build 2012, Herb Sutter announced that we’re following through on our commitment by shipping the first batch of new C++11 features in the November 2012 Compiler CTP. Herb also announced that more information about the next batch of C++11 features would be coming in the first half of 2013."

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    @tomkirbygreen LINQ and native Rx is now an open source project, hosted on sourcefordge.

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