GoingNative 15: VC++ turns 20, Ale turns 40, C9 turns 9

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Visual C++ turned 20 this month! It certainly has come a long way. How did it begin? What were the goals way back when? Fortunately for us, one of the original team members VC++ team members, Jan Gray, set up a reunion of former and current employees who worked on the first visual IDE for C++ from Microsoft. During one of the related gatherings, Jan and fellow original VC++ alum, Rico Mariani, joined us for a casual chat about the early days of VC++. This conversation is full of goodness and a few surprises. Congratulations to the VC++ team and to all who shaped and continue to shape the product, from VC++ 1.0 to VC++11 - and that includes you, too! Smiley 

It's no coincidence that as VC++ turned 20, Ale turned 40, and Channel 9 turned 9. Or is it? What's the hidden meaning in the sequence 20 40 9? Certainly something special! Happy birthday to all!!! And a big thank you to all of you who use Visual C++.

[00:00] GoingNative(); //We filmed this episode on Ale's 40th, VC++'s 20th, and C9's 9th birthday!! Smiley
[02:26]  Rico Mariani and Jan Gray reminisce about the very early days of VC++
[46:11] ~GoingNative();



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The Discussion

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    nice IDE, for a strong and magic langauge

  • User profile image
    Ion Todirel

    cheers to that

  • User profile image
    Angel BEST. will be perfect if we can get Milan now Wink
  • User profile image

    I was hoping you'd cover the anniversary! Many happy returns and here's to the next decade of rock solid engineering. +1 to the please release Milan point. It's been awfully quiet since November 2012...

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    Many C9 videos have interlacing/deinterlacing problems that are very distracting.
    There are really no reason whatsoever nowadays not to record progressive videos and encode them progressive.
    If you do insist on recording interleaved it would be time for a little video deinterlacing/compression training to avoid those interlaced lines.

    I'm a big fan of C9 nonetheless and love those behind the scenes videos with people that actually did the software we use.

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    @cedricmi: Thanks for the feedback. I shot the conversational segment with my camcorder. You can blame me for the interlacing..


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    I remember receiving the box. It was about a foot and a half long. The manuals were a standard size but at the time everything was printed. It was awesome!

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    Christopher Hinds

    Remember it well on my 386 clone with a mere 20mb harddrive. VC++ 1.0/MFC 1.0 was a breakthrough in Windows developmental and set the standards going forward ( Borland Turbo C/C++ not withstanding ).

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    Ah the memories - I was in devdiv as an intern just after the first C++ version shipped and returned the following year to work on VC2 & 4 - the team had some great people in it and I look back on these years with fondness. My office was just across the corridor from Dan's - and I remember him working with Rico on the min rebuild stuff.

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    Is it me, or is the aspect ratio of the main material way off (egg heads)?

  • User profile image

    @NotFredSafe: Not you. We should be able to fix.

    EDIT: Fixed. Thanks, Golnaz!! Smiley

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    the video should be fixed now. thanks!

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    Great to hear Jan & Rico talking about these great techie achievements. Like @Colin I had some great times in devdiv - working in Dan's team, and learning from these way smart guys.

    Congratulations on the anniversary.

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    Not that I'm against saving trees, but printed manuals still are nice. Though the added cost to the overall product to print them would be not so nice. Still , Kudos's on the birthday, and Charles, video shot with a camcorder is better than having no video at all, and with golnazal's mad ninja skills all is well. You guys on C9, really, have done a good job of making MS more transparent and improving it's image in the developer community.

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