GoingNative 16: Garrett Serack - Inside NuGet for C++

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NuGet support for C++ projects in Visual Studio has arrived in NuGet version 2.5! This has been an elusive feature for VC++ developers so we are thrilled it's here. It's been around for about a month now so we figured we'd go talk to one of the developers who helped make it happen, Microsoft's Garrett Serack.

Huge thanks to Garrett and the awesome NuGet team for bringing NuGet goodness to C++! 

Download NuGet 2.5 
Download the tools to build C++ packages

[00:00] GoingNative();// Charles and Ale construct the show. Sorry about missing last month! Milan update. NuGet.
[02:25] Charles interviews Garrett Serack about NuGet for C++
[39:04] ~GoingNative(); // Please send any and all feedback about NuGet for C++ to us!

More information:

NuGet Team blog post on NuGet for C++
VC++ Team blog post on NuGet for C++
Building Native Libraries for NuGet with CoApp's Powershell Tools (video)
Consuming Native NuGet Packages in Visual Studio (video)

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