GoingNative 19: PdbProject - IntelliSense for Your C++ Executable

Play GoingNative 19: PdbProject - IntelliSense for Your C++ Executable
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PDB Project is a Visual Studio extension that will allow Visual Studio 2012 to open and convert pdb into a vcxproj.  The converted project will load as a normal VC project and provide IDE features such as tag browsing, intelli-sense and object browsing. This extension will be useful when your build system is not based on vcxproj files. "PDB Project" is still in development with many features to add. Ale interviews the dev lead for this extension, Bogdan Mihalcea, to get more details from the source.

The latest build of PDB Project can be found here. Also soon we will add support for Visual Studio 2013.

Learn more: https://blogs.msdn.com/b/vcblog/archive/2013/10/28/creating-a-c-project-from-a-pdb-file-pdb-project.aspx



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