GoingNative 21: Visual C++ Front-End Compiler

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    Monoculture issues aside, wouldn't it behoove Microsoft to simply give up on their efforts to produce a C++ compiler and just dedicate resources to Clang (and perhaps even GCC), like most other concerns are doing today (Apple, Google, Intel, Arm etc).

    Microsoft had 20 years to get their C++ implementation in order, but instead they wasted the better part of the last decade doing absolutely nothing of worth with regards to C++ and our now playing catch-up.

    A few conferences on native development and high minded speeched from Herb Sutter isn't going to change what has taken place in the past.

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    I think this interviewer talks way too much.  He interrupts, and finishes the guest's sentences. And he mumbles while the guest is speaking.

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    @Richard_Andrew_x64:Ah! that's my fault! Thx for the feedback, Richard! I'll avoid doing that in the next interviews.

    What topic will interest you in the future?

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    There are several C and C++ compiler vendors in the whole IT industry.

    Commercial UNIX vendors, embedded market vendors, security certified vendors, military services, mainframes, there are plenty to choose from besides gcc and clang.

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