GoingNative 48: ISOC++ @Jacksonville Debriefing

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We're back with another round of updates from the most recent ISOC++ standards meeting at Jacksonville, where some..."interesting" turns of events took place.

[0:30] Interview portion begins
[1:35] The Jacksonville Controversy
    [3:07] Why should I care about TS's?
[5:55] New TS's
    [6:00] Modules (Try it out [VS] | Learn more | Send feedback)
    [6:27] Coroutines (Try it out [VS] | Learn more | Send feedback)       
    [7:59] Concepts (Try it out [GCC] [6.0 changes] | Send feedback)
    [10:11] Ranges (Try it out [GCC] [6.0 changes] | Send feedback)
[11:33] Direct-into-Standard items
    [11:40] constexpr v3
    [12:16] New attributes (fallthrough, nodiscard, maybe_unused)
    [14:24] Extended aggregating initializers
    [15:34] Sentinel iterators
    [16:14] Hex floats
[16:27] TS-into-Standard items
    [16:38] Parallelism TS (Learn more)
    [17:30] Library fundamentals v1 TS (Try it out [Boost] [GCC] [6.0 changes])
    [19:19] File system TS
    [20:01] "Special" math IS [International Standard] (Try it out [Boost] [GCC] [6.0 changes])
[22:21] What's next for the committee?
    [22:27] And how exactly does one pronounce "Oulu?"

[23:01] Call to action: Get involved with the committee, try out the TS's!
    Download the latest versions of GCC [6.0], Boost [1.60], and/or Visual Studio [2015 Update 2 RC]

Other Useful Links
Herb Sutter's Jacksonville trip report
http://gcc.gnu.org/ [6.0 changes]


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    Informative as always - thanks for the great video! Looking forward to trying out those TS's in action.

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