GoingNative 49: Awesome Tools in Update 2 and VS "15" Preview

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Today's episode is jam-packed with people and features from the Visual Studio family of products! Join today's "panel of presenters" to hear about all these awesome new and improved tools, ready for you to play with today!

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*Not to be confused with Visual Studio 2015.



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The Discussion

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    it's will be so nice from Microsoft to let as in the next build from windows 10 mobile to open 2 apps in the same time like windows 10 on pc ..and u know ..a lot from the company they use a lot of thinks it's available on windows 10pc like Samsung and lg ..so plz be first be more speed ..and u will be great :D ..thanks for everything

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    How about C++/CLI support for the build tools?

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    Andrew Pardoe

    @fourbadcats, thanks for the suggestion. For now, you just need to download the .NET SDK yourself and C++/CLI should work. http://getdotnet.azurewebsites.net/target-dotnet-platforms.html

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    'Visual Studio "15" Not to be confused with Visual Studio 2015'. 

    Can someone explain what is the difference? Is this just a name change by marketing people?

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    @puplan: Visual Studio 2015 is the current major release of Visual Studio -- recall that before it was officially released ("RTM'ed" as we say), it was referred to as Visual Studio "14" (example blog post).

    Visual Studio "15", then, refers to the upcoming major release of Visual Studio, of which a Preview has now been released. I won't argue that it's confusing. (Look for the quotation marks, I suppose =P)

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    Hi! It's always nice to see first hand all the awesome work you're doing.

    There's an issue with C++ intellisense related to smart pointers, that's been bothering me since VS2010 came out. I've reported the issue several times, each time I could grab any new VS build released. Just to state a few:

    Each time I got a similar answer in the form "your're to late for this to make it to the schedule", and the report gets closed.

    When will this annoying issue will finally get fixed? It's really frustrating trying to write code that deeply uses smart pointers to templated structures.

    Is it too late to request a fix for this issue in the schedule for VS 15?

    Thanks for all the awesome things you do.

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    @fedeuy: Happy to discuss this with you. Shoot me an email: gaha at microsoft dot com

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