GoingNative 5: Inside the Visual C++ IDE, Meet Raul Pérez

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The Discussion

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    Will I still need VisualAssistX for VS11 ? lets wait and see. Devil

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    I was thinking the same :)

    Also, would be great if MSVC had colored texts (errors, warnings) in the Output pane.

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    @Zura:Yes!!! and a nice summary of failed/successful builds at the end...

    And let's dream for a couple of second:

    - The solution pane would indicate the projects whose build failed.

    - The error/warning pane filtered with the currently selected project errors.


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    Don F

    I second the colored text for warnings and errors in the output pane!

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    Just pointing out that he has a hammock in his office.

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    Intellisense minding the /TC switch or .c files would be nice.

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    @schrodeur - Yes, yes it is!

    @JeanGa & Don F - It's not 100% what you're asking but have you tried using the error list window? You can filter warnings and errors in there and they have different icons along with a project where they came from.

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