GoingNative 5: Inside the Visual C++ IDE, Meet Raul Pérez

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Happy Holidays to all of you out there who are in some sort of holiday state. If not, then happy holidays anyway from Diego, Charles, C9, and VC Smiley

We don't cover software testing—the job discipline—often enough on C9. We aim to change that starting now.

A friend of Diego's on the VC++ team, Raul Pérez, is a software developer from Puerto Rico who works in QA for the Visual C++ IDE team. He writes tests to make sure the very-front-end of the VC toolchain—the IDE and its design-time compiler infrastructureworks as expected.

There's a lot going on when you type characters into the VC++ editor. What happens, exactly? Why? What types of things can make Intellisense fast? What types of things can hinder the performance of the IDE? How does all of this magic happen? There's a compiler involved in all of this. It's not the front-end compiler (cl), but it is a front-end compiler and it compiles your source into data that's stored in a local DB for design-time use by Intellisense, Go-To-Definition, Syntax Coloring, Reference Highlighting, Auto-Completion, etc... All of these things are part of the set of IDE features that make Visual C++ visual... So, meet Raul and learn a thing or two about how the IDE works under the covers and how the system has evolved over time.

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[00:00] GoingNative();//Getting faster at show construction - still have some optimizations to make...
[01:56] Charles interviews Raul about Raul and the VC++ design-time system (Intellisense, Go-to-Definition, Auto-complete, Syntax coloring, etc...)
[37:20] ~GoingNative(); //We're really performant this time

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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    Will I still need VisualAssistX for VS11 ? lets wait and see. Devil

  • User profile image

    I was thinking the same :)

    Also, would be great if MSVC had colored texts (errors, warnings) in the Output pane.

  • User profile image

    @Zura:Yes!!! and a nice summary of failed/successful builds at the end...

    And let's dream for a couple of second:

    - The solution pane would indicate the projects whose build failed.

    - The error/warning pane filtered with the currently selected project errors.


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    Don F

    I second the colored text for warnings and errors in the output pane!

  • User profile image

    Just pointing out that he has a hammock in his office.

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    Intellisense minding the /TC switch or .c files would be nice.

  • User profile image

    @schrodeur - Yes, yes it is!

    @JeanGa & Don F - It's not 100% what you're asking but have you tried using the error list window? You can filter warnings and errors in there and they have different icons along with a project where they came from.

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