GoingNative 52: ISO C++ @Oulu Debriefing

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The Discussion

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    Any ETA on string_view/optional/any/variant/... in VS?

    Also did string_view get renamed to string_span. Plus what happened to array_view/span?

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    I would like to know about string_view/optional/any/variant as well.

    I don't know about variant, but the rest is supported by both libc++ and libstdc++, and people who have to support MSVC can't use them.

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    @David_Hunter: string_view should land soon in Dev15 RTM timeframe. optional, any, variant are near the top of high priority library work items. string_view remains as is; we are not vigorously pursuing string_span at this point. array_view was renamed to span a couple of meetings ago (at the Fall 2015 Kona meeting). 

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    don't forget cppcon 2016 !

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