GoingNative 56: CMake in Visual Studio

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The Discussion

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    Are you using cmake server-mode as shipped in cmake 3.7 or are you still using the experimental patches from Stephen?

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    I remember sometime ago reading that the FOLDER property on targets and source_group() calls were not supported by the CMake integration in Visual Studio.
    Has this been fixed?

    It's quite mandatory to support it in order to have large projects loaded and have them neatly organized. Otherwise, it would be very hard and inconvenient to use.

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    @Florent - thanks for your input. We are considering providing a logical targets view in addition to the current disk view. 

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    What do you mean with "logical targets view"?

    I'm just asking about the FOLDER property and source_group(). Should those be set in the CMake project, they need to be supported by the IDE.

    The FOLDER property should be easy, it's a property you can read easily on the server mode side. Source groups aren't setting any property currently but that could be changed in upstream CMake easily, then read on your side.

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    How about OpenGL support, you know, the industry standard, in the same manner as your DirectX tools. Yet another thing you reluctantly don't want to support like all the other standards like C++. DirectX can't hold a candle to OpenGL and it never will. Closed source nonsense.

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    Great news!
    Does this mean I can now use conan.io with VS and let that resolve dependencies?

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    Iyyappa Murugandi

    @FooBar, For VS2017 RTW we are using the experimental daemon mode from Stephen Kelly.
    Next update of VS 2017 will use CMake server-mode with some updates which are not in 3.7.

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