GoingNative 57: VS 20th Anniversary Special

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    Great overview of VC++ history. I remember the rivalry with Borland and Watcom well. However still have nightmares from the CSlob class from my days as a SDE on VC++ 2.0 & 4.0. 

    Congratulations on shipping VS17.

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    very nice old-school Channel9 style interviews, thanks ! :D

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    I do have copies of VC++ that target DEC ALPHA, so they do exist as official CD-ROMs.

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    My first encounter with Visual Studio is VS2008 in 2010, when I started to figure out how a GUI window is come out. That time I was a junior student studying power machine engineering, but I am deeply curious about computer and learned a lot about MFC though it is out-of-date.

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