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In this episode of GoingNative, Steve Carroll talks to Brent Rector and Kenny Kerr from the Windows team about C++/WinRT!

C++/WinRT is a standard C++ header-based library that takes WinRT APIs and exposes them as C++ classes that you can use in your application in a natural and familiar way. You can consume it from any standard C++ application and is the easiest way to get access to the modern Windows APIs. C++/WinRT is designed to offer an improved alternative to C++/CX and works with any major standard C++ compiler on Windows. It shipped inside the Windows 10 SDK v17025 for the first time. This means that as long as you have a version of the Windows 10 SDK installed that is at least 17025, you can simply include the appropriate headers from within any C++ project and start writing modern C++ code using the Windows API.

You can learn more about C++/WinRT here: https://moderncpp.com/

You can also check out the CppCon 2017 talk: C++/WinRT and the future of C++ on Windows


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The Discussion

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    It is good to see that finally, the C++ ISO wins against this ugly C++/CX !

    We are waiting that since almost 7 years... It's a good job to see CPP/WINRT will be shipped in Visual Studio. May be update 7 ?

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    Good to hear you like the chat!

    C++/WinRT has been around for a while, improving continually, and we love your feedback as to how we might make it even better for your development needs.

    We first released C++/WinRT on GitHub about 18 months ago. We subsequently added it to the RS4 Preview Windows SDK a few months back. However, to install an RS4 Preview SDK, you needed to be running an Insider build of the RS4 operating system. That's a barrier for some developers.

    We make it easier for developers to get and use C++/WinRT with the upcoming VS 2017 15.7 RTM release. The VS 15.7 update will contain a production version of the Windows SDK, which contains the latest C++/WinRT release.

    Additionally, at the same time, we'll make the C++/WinRT Visual Studio Extension (VSIX) available in the Visual Studio Extension Marketplace. Installing our VSIX will provide project and item templates allowing you to easily create a new native C++ project that uses the C++/WinRT library and toolset. We have templates for Desktop applications, UWP applications, DirectX applications, and others.

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