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In this month's episode, Steve Carroll, the director of development for the .NET team, interviews Scott Hanselman the Community Program Manager Lead for the .NET team about his career. Scott is a big believer in using the power of empathy and in this conversation he uses that power across the various skills necessary to be a successful programmer and program manager.

[00:00] - Scott's role at MS

[02:30] - Scott career overview -

[05:25] - Finishing his degree while working while teaching

[08:26] - Learning to be a consultant and what a CTO does

[11:00] - meeting the early dot net team and coming on board

[12:00] - the "warm" intro - the transitive property of friendship and opening doors for others

[14:35] - being non-denominational in tech religions and strong fundamentals of scale

[16:20] - knowing one layer deeper in the stack than your neighbors and sharing knowledge

[18:00] - learning uncool tech, what's in common across stacks, and appreciating the history of [computer science

[22:40] - difference between a mentor and a sponsor and finding one, being intentional

[25:03] - being shown the ropes by a CTO sponsor, learning to navigate the room

[26:43] - learning to navigate one layer down from his non-technical parents

[29:10] - learning how to be a PM - building extreme empathy

[31:53] - how did Scott learn to do empathy? Moving across worlds and practice

[35:45] - Learning to do technical communication well -

[37:17] - Using comedy, comedy as empathy, the value of improv

[40:17]- "rubber duck" programming

[42:31] - being the person who admits they don't know, helping junior people in meetings by asking their questions

[45:14] - Scott's most valuable career advice - "don't waste your keystrokes"





The Discussion

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    Like me, I was working and going to college at night. I really relate to the 8 hour days, 4 hour school nights. My C++ teacher at Hawaii Pacific University was Dr. James D. McCaffrey, who works at either MSFT or Volt.
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    A fun watch, since I've enjoyed watching Scott for years.

    But, you missed a great opportunity to tell us what the best ways are for us to get serious concerns to you, that we have with Visual Studio.
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    Great interview, always enjoy what Scott Hanselman has to say. I would have loved to hear more about how you cowboys open-sourced Microsoft code under the table, maybe a story for another day.

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