Checking In: Marcin Dobosz - MVC, NuGet and the Open Web

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Welcome to the latest edition of Checking In with Erik Meijer! This time around Erik interrogates Marcin Dobosz, a software engineer working on MVC and NuGet packaging. Marcin writes tools that makes the lives of web developers even more productive and open. Open? What does that mean, exactly? What will Erik ask the young Jedi?

Thank you Marcin for having the courage to withstand a truly impromptu conversation led by one of the world's foremost language designers and cloud programmability theorists (new title for Erik? Smiley). It's always great to meet and learn about the folks at Microsoft who write and check code in for a living. Keep on coding, Marcin!




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The Discussion

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    Hmmm....sounds like ms is really turning to CLR -> JS instead of (native) CoreCLR for cross platform reach huh ? so CoreCLR is doomed ? long live MSIL2JS ? Devil

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    Cool stuff, version 4 doesn't sound like it will go new ways, but there are some interesting discussions going here. What about tighter integration with client side frameworks between the server side and its (view)model and web services, the connection between js and c#..? What needs to be done to get a 'clean' client side code, how can tooling help there?

    Some thing I'm also thinking about are push based web apps, It might be not a common use case, but imagine having like a observable collection server side or something that pushes changes to the web app.

    By the way, does anybody of your team use Resharper? If not, how can you live without it? Tongue Out

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    @felix9:I'd love to see the CLR compiled for Google Native Client.. all problems solved =)

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    @Marcin - MVC isn't a cost only for Microsoft.  It eventually gets into Visual Studio which generates the revenue.  Yet another group of programmers gets to eat tonight.  Smiley

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    Mouhammad Fakhoury

    Come on MS just admit JS is the lingua franca for all computing devices. It is and will continue to be the most successful computer language if you measure by it's wide spread use. Of course I am not saying you use it everywhere or even ever code it directly. It is the universal assembly language for the browser for many years to come.

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    granted i'm a c++ fanboy, but i can't grok this. MS, as well as other hardware/environment/systems providers have shown in the past and for the future that systems level isn't going anywhere. we still need it, it's getting better all the time (w00t for C++11!), and has pretty nice parity with other languages as far as design features. i feel MS is just saying 'hey! you're just throwing some data around and then doing some minor transform on it, here's this RAD tool to do it. And it looks shiny too!' this is great. The right tool for the right job. if JS+XAML (remember XAML is actually a declarative lang all it's own) or whatever does your magic for you. why not? The goto libraries for getting * done will still be native. Look at apple's iOS crapfest. probably a lot of the stuff out there could have been done with some JS if there were hooks available to the language. well MS is giving us hooks, and telling us to go fis^H^H^H okay i take back the corny pun.

    long story short, Right tool for the right job; Thanks for the tool; Everything isn't a nail, Mr. Hammer.


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    ha. woulda thought reply woulda had some functionality that would show on your message that you're actually replying to a comment. i guess it just CC'd to Mr. Mouhammad.

    previous comment was in reply to Mouhammad. umm @Mouhammad. is all the world on twitter's jock now? if that @ get's highlighted we'll find out...

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