Cloud Cover Episode 11 - Drives and IIS Hostable Worker Core

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Join Ryan and Steve each week as they cover the Microsoft cloud. You can follow and interact with the show at @cloudcovershow

In this episode:

  • Learn about Windows Azure Drives
  • Discover how to use the IIS Hostable Web Core directly from a worker role
  • Find out how to efficiently transfer and store large page blobs in Windows Azure storage

Show Links:

Identity Training Kit Update (via Vibro.NET)
Windows Azure MMC v2 Released (via dunnry)
Window Azure storage abstractions and scalability targets
Connections and SQL Azure
Host Service Bus endpoints in IIS (via Wade)
IIS Hostable Web Core (via smarx)
Efficiently Transferring Page Blobs



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The Discussion

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    William Leong

    Great show!  Problem is you've included so many resources that it will take me a while to go through all the show links.  Keep up the good work.

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    Sorry, we'll try to be less informative. Smiley


    FYI, I have a blog post up at that shows the code from this episode.

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    Thanks for the great show - I love it that you keep releasing shows at a quick pace and also throw in a bit of humour into the mix Smiley

    But seriously, I'm a .NET expert - I actually programmed it even before it was released, and read like C# books before it came out. But alas I'm an Azure noob and I can't even get a simple web role to work - I have VS2010 RTM and Azure tools 1.1 and when I try to upload my package to staging it's stuck in "Initializing - Stopping - Stopped" and there's of course no diagnostics to find anywhere even though I'm pretty sure i set up the Diagnostics connection string correctly. I'm sure I have a web.config or other config error somewhere.

     Please, make a walkthrough of making azure services - this is unfortunately not as easy as it should be.

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    Hi Hansol -


    Sorry to hear about your issue.  Take a look at episode 2 I think where the TotW is how to troubleshoot that problem.  Here is the link that we refer to:



    Steve and I also did a video called 'Hello Windows Azure' that might be the walkthru you are looking for.



    If you have idea for other topics you would like to see, leave us a comment or use @cloudcovershow and share your idea.  Thanks for watching!



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    Thanks Ryan. I already checked out the first url you mention. So I think my problem is related to the WCF-service that I try to consume from within my azure web role. There's a whole lot of auto web.config stuff going on that probably don't work for live production, but only in the test-environment or something. Maybe you could make a quick demo of setting up a simple hello world wcf-service inside a web role? And again, thanks! You and smarx are a great team and I can't wait for the next show Wink

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    Not a bad idea... I have some other things I want to show there as well.  Hmm...


    For your immediate relief, have you seen the WCF on Azure samples and troubleshooting guidance?



    Check the Known Issues link there and see about a few gotchas due to the load balancer and the QFE hotfix (already in cloud, btw).


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    Thanks again. I think my problem is the load-balancing thing described in the Known Issues, as you mention. Smiley

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