Cloud Cover Episode 22 - Identity in Windows Azure

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A Server is not a Machine
Try Windows Azure for One Month FREE
A Secure Network Drive for Windows Azure Blob Storage
AppFabric Access Control Service (ACS) v2
How to Tell if You are Out of Room



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The Discussion

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    Harshit Parikh

    Amazing show, I can now say I understand how ACS works! Thank you Mr. Identity..

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    Nice Video.  Few days back, I have tired executing the sample of Simple Web Form from Access control service samples and it looks cool. After following Vittorio here, it became more clearer how it actually works(ACS v2). Thanks..



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    A question: Why does it take 11 minutes to deploy and start a new service in Windows Azure? My installation of Win7 on my SSD tok less than that! I'm using the North European zone if that can have any impact. What is the normal time it takes anyways??

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    Can one of you please answer my question? None of my questions from your former show was answered. Isn't this supposed to be a community? Or am I mistaken?


    Best Regards


    'Hans Olav.

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    Hi Hans -


    Did we miss one of your questions earlier?  We thought we had answered them all?  Which ones did we miss?


    As far as deployment times go - 11 mins is normal.  Depending on different factors, it can take anywhere from 5 to 20 mins to deploy.  It has to do with the fact that we are not running SSDs in the datacenter.  Smiley


    Actually, the time is because of a number of factors - solving where to put you in the datacenter based on your model.  We try to put you across fault zones and some contraints are easily solved and others are not.  Also, remember that your VM is booting and during that time we configure the network, the ip filters, the load balancer, etc.  We can do a better job of giving you insight about what is happening at each stage and we should.  Right now, it is a black box until we come back and say 'Ready'.  Anyhow, we are trying to lower this provisioning time so I would expect to deployment time decrease as time goes on.




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    Thanks a lot for answering. I have to say that waiting 11 minutes for uploading or even upgrading a package is a stretch. I hope you'll be able to come up with a solution for this, maybe like hotswapping from a pool of already-booted VMs or something like that.

    And maybe when SSD prices go down you could have a premium-option to run on SSD-VMs for an extra cost of course? Smiley


    For my other questions please check out my posts at episode 21. I can't see that any of them have been answered.

    And please let me know if I shouldn't pose questions here on C9.


    Best Regards


    'Hans Olav.

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    The video was very informative.

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