Cloud Cover Episode 27 - Combining Roles and Using Scratch Disk

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    Great show. It does bring up an issue about Azure not being priced very well right now for small applications. Running a blog using 3 instances would cost you $0.12 x 3 x 24 x 30 = $259.20 a month at the standard retail rate (plus storage and transaction costs). Even dropping down to 2 or 1 instances (with periodic downtime for maintenance) puts Azure outside the price of most hobby or enthusiast sites when compared to other VM or shared-hosting offerings.

    I wish Azure had an option for a smaller VM size like the $0.03/hr Micro-instances from Amazon EC2 that are perfect for lightweight websites. Then add the ability to do live upgrades between VM sizes so that users can auto-scale as needed. Better yet offer reduced pricing for bulk purchases (ala Reserved Instances) so that there is an incentive to use Azure for 24x7x365 applications. As it stands right now Azure's entry price points are a bit too high compared to other PaaS offerings, which is a shame since it is a beautiful platform.

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    Agreed with gbrayut. It's a wonderful platform but a little pricier than alternatives. 

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    Hey Ryan & Steve,

    Redeploying the Application for a Configuration change isn't quite the best scenario.  I would suggest updating the cscfg using visual studio, then digging into the Debug (or Release) folder and get the configuration file which could be updated using the Web Portal [].

    Reploying would bring down the application (unless it was uploaded to staging then hotswapped, which requires logging into the Portal anyway) not to mention it takes quite a long time to upload the entire application for a change that is literally a few bytes in size.

    Just a war of words, but you guys always do a great job of clarifying things.

    Happy Clouding!

    Cory Fowler

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    @SyntaxC4: I think I agree with you.  However, I am not totally sure of the context.  Did we say to upgrade your role for a config change?  I don't think we meant that if we did.

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    Ryan CrawCour

    @gbrayut & @writeameer well you guys must be stoked about the recent PDC announcement of extra small instances now priced at $0.5/hr ... it's like u have a direct line to the product team! ;)

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