Cloud Cover Episode 28 - SQL Azure with David Robinson Part 11

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In this episode:  

  • Listen to David Robinson explain how to migrate your Access databases to SQL Azure.
  • Learn about deploying SQL Azure and Windows Azure services together 

Show Links:

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EpiServer CMS on Windows Azure Part 1 (of 11)
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The Discussion

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    Looks like I missed a couple important links:

    David Robinson

    NEW SQL Azure Portal

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    Thanks! Finally a show dedicated to sql azure! Poor David Robinson though... That guy should start his own sql azure show and invite Steve and Ryan just to mess with them and get back Tongue Out

    But seriously, more sql azure please... May David have mercy! Smiley

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    Boris Hristov

    Hey, guys! Thanks for the video. I think the demo is the same which had been shown at TechEd?
    However, I have a question about the SSMA. My problem is that I do have installed every single component with it's proper version for the SSMA to run, but when I try to mark the checkbox which says "Link Tables", it says me that I do need a newer version of SNAC provider. My SNAC provider version is 10.5 and I am using SQL Server 2008 R2. I tried the one from the site it recommends, i unistalled it, installed it again, but the problem still remains...
    Do you have any idea how can i fix it, because I want to try that out. I have won a SQL Azure account, but it's for a month only and I cannot try this functionality :(
    What do you think?

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    Would have been interesting as a 10 minute video because that's about all the content that was really useful.  C'mon guys, let's be a bit more serious and cover the subject.  I like a good joke, but screwing around endlessly is just not professional.

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    I m usually a fan of the show but sorry to say this one sucked. Nothing interesting about clicking a few buttons and demo a simple tool. If mr David had stuff worth 11 shows it would have been better to start with something not so trivial. And I agree with the commenter above - a well placed joke along with the tech topic is fine but not the tech topic buried under a pile of not so intresting jokes :(

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    Hmm.. And he says he needs a series on the topic? Better if u used the 10 mins wisely.. C'on do u really think access to SQL azure migration is "interesting"? I Unsubscribe from the "potential" series..

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    Wow, I don't know what you guys are on but please pass along a link. Initially, you guys provided significant value and a little humor. Progressively this has reversed to the point where you have 10 minutes of content and 30 minutes where you think you are funny. Perhaps your videos would do better on the Comedy Central.

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    I disagree. Keep it up guys, and bring back David Robinson.

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    thats very good.
    Thank you

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    Ryan/Steve - please carry on and let people with better material post it themselves. Most of the "newbies" will get through this more eagerly as I have seen scores of people use this material to get familiar and grasp the subject.
    May be there can be few "advanced" series(ADFS , Appfabric, SQL Azure migration would come there)

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    Woah duderinos! (Leigh, Hp and gahayden!)

    What up wit da hate? I admit I didn't laugh as hard this time as many other episodes, but no need to hate on smarx and dunry trying to make the best out of the relatively thin sql azure story. Steve and Ryan don't you dare get all corporate and boring on me!

    And for the people with the trolling/downright rude comments: This show isn't just a "show", it's a community show where you sit down and relax - you don't sit and take notes. At least that's how I view it - It should be silly and a waste of time, except you get the side-effect of learning.

    I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure silliness and loose talk is the absolute purest form of entertainment which inevitably leads to the purest form of learning.

    Cheers! Smiley

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    Warren S.

    Unfunny and frankly useless. I kept waiting for the part where it was going to get interesting, which never arrived. Thankfully I just had it on in the background while I worked. 
    Either be funny (you're not, which is fine - most people aren't) or let the invited speaker actually present.

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    No hate intended. On the contrary, I was thinking they might not want to see their stack ranking drop at the next semi-annual.  I've watched David's other videos and can confirm that there is nothing thin about SQL Azure topic. However, with just slightly less entertainment, those 11 episodes might be covered in 2 or 3, a similar amount of time as his PDC presentations.

    I have nothing against those who want to be entertained. My bad for thinking that the show's intent was to promote and provide insight into an exceptional product.

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    @gahayden: Hmm.. After thinking about what you say I do think you have a good point. David didn't get to do much other than fend off Ryan and Steve fooling around Wink

    And about the shows intent, I'm sure officially it's to "promote and provide insight" and such, but I really like the loose style of Marx and Ryan. Of course it's not standup-material, but on the other hand I've laughed more listening to them than to many standup shows! This episode was about 90% fooling around and 10% topic. Maybe the mix should have been balanced better towards like 30-40% off-topic bantering...

    And as to the "thin SQL Azure story" I meant David's Access migration demo, not SQL Azure it self. That's an infinite topic! Smiley

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