Cloud Cover Episode 34 - Advanced Startup Tasks and Video Encoding

Play Cloud Cover Episode 34 - Advanced Startup Tasks and Video Encoding


Join Wade and Steve each week as they cover the Windows Azure Platform. You can follow and interact with the show at @cloudcovershow.

In this episode, Steve and Wade:

  • Talk through some tips, tricks, and gotchas when using Startup Tasks
  • Discuss how to use the WebPI Command Line from within Startup Tasks
  • Walk through a solution that uses Expression Encoder 4 within a Windows Azure Worker Role
  • Quickly show you how to configure Remote Desktop for a Web or Worker Role

Show links:

Using Expression Encoder 4 in a Windows Azure Worker Role
WebPI Command Line
Fixing Windows Azure SDK 1.3 Full IIS Diagnostics and Tracing Bug with a Startup Task
Windows Azure Startup Tasks: Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas
Introduction to Windows Azure Startup Tasks
Programmatically Changing the AppPool Identity in a Windows Azure Web Role



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The Discussion

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    Johann Weinzierl

    There is a more easy way to export the certificate:
    1, In the 'Remote Desktop Configuration' Dialog click in the 'View' button
    2, Select the 'Details' Tab
    3, Click on the 'Save to file' Button ..
    ... this brings up the 'Certificate Export Wizard'  ...
    Great show!!

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    @Johann Weinzierl: Great tip, thanks Johann!

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    Dear Wade,

    is it also possible to register directshow filters inside a worker role?

    Than I can start my own encoding engines in the cloud...

    Which version of expression encoder is used? Is this the standard or Pro version?

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