Cloud Cover Episode 34 - Advanced Startup Tasks and Video Encoding


Join Wade and Steve each week as they cover the Windows Azure Platform. You can follow and interact with the show at @cloudcovershow.

In this episode, Steve and Wade:

  • Talk through some tips, tricks, and gotchas when using Startup Tasks
  • Discuss how to use the WebPI Command Line from within Startup Tasks
  • Walk through a solution that uses Expression Encoder 4 within a Windows Azure Worker Role
  • Quickly show you how to configure Remote Desktop for a Web or Worker Role

Show links:

Using Expression Encoder 4 in a Windows Azure Worker Role
WebPI Command Line
Fixing Windows Azure SDK 1.3 Full IIS Diagnostics and Tracing Bug with a Startup Task
Windows Azure Startup Tasks: Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas
Introduction to Windows Azure Startup Tasks
Programmatically Changing the AppPool Identity in a Windows Azure Web Role



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