Cloud Cover Episode 37 - Multiple Websites in a Web Role

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    Hey guys, will this work with multiple subdomains as well.


    e.g. if you want to put and * in one web role where * is a username under that will get resolved in code to ( becomes


    Great show, thanks.

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    Is it possible to host service in clould which listen on port other than 80.  Like for example port 4006 with cutom protocol not http.

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    Tyler Brinks

    Fantastic video! 
    One question regarding deployment with multiple sites within a single role.
    Let’s say you’re using multiple web roles in a single instance. One of those roles is for a CMS tool like Umbraco or Orchard for a marketing website and the other role is a web application (the app the marketing site says is so awesome).
    Is there a way, either with multiple sites or with a site and a virtual directory, to isolate a specific web role when publishing updates? I’d like to be able to make updates to the web app without having to update (and potentially overwrite) the CMS web role instance.
    What kind of control do you have over publishing individual roles when you have multiple web roles running in a single instance?

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