Cloud Cover Episode 42 - The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything (also DataMarket)

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In this episode, Christian "Littleguru" Liensberger joins Steve and Wade as they discuss the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket. Christian explains the purpose of DataMarket, shows an ASP.NET MVC 3 demo, and shares some tips and tricks.

Also covered in this show:

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The Discussion

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    Lucian Daia

    Great idea with promoting Codename Dallas at last.
    Since Microsoft seems to have a lot more data than the Google Public Data website, it would be great if you built some showcase apps that would just display some of these datasets on maps or in some charts, like Google does.

    I know people who use Google Public Data not necessarily because it provides more valuable data than Dallas but because they can just go in a central location, click a couple of times and get visual feedback.

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    Hi Lucian. Thanks for your feedback. Did you see the application that ComponentArt built:

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    You gave a great talk about consuming DataMarket services, but there was one thing that was missing:  what is involved in publishing a DataMarket service, and what fees does Microsoft charge to those who are publishing?

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