Cloud Cover Episode 43 - Scalable Counters with Windows Azure

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The Discussion

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    Apathy Button - PERFECT!  Its like an electronic stress ball.

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    Marginally decent show  Tongue Out

    Actually I was recently trying to figure out a way to do atomic increments using queues or table storage, so this gives me some good ideas. I really wanted a way that did not require proxying the requests through a web role to reduce scale-out costs, but after watching the show and seeing steve's response it looks like your approach would be best.

    Thanks... can't wait to watch what is new next week at MIX!

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    It looks like some people could care less than they did. I've been watching the progress go up but the last time I checked it was down

    37618 <-- ???

    Is the counter decrease related to caching or are you updating the code to only recording unique per site?

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    Mark Tucker

    Steve & Wade care, so we don't have to.

    Thanks for the episode.

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    Thanks for this! Any recommendations for how to do this in Azure Functions? What would you use to compose the ID fields?

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