Episode 212: Service Fabric Series (3 of 3) - Service Fabric on Linux

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The Discussion

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    The series went by quickly and was informative.

    I would like to know how to use Kestrel in Service Fabric and specifically using the HTTPS protocol.

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    Also we plan to use the same Web service on desktops with Windows 7/8/10.

    Our app uses the SQLLocaldb on desktops and would like to reuse the same Service fabric web service, however since it runs under Network account, it has no access to current user profile.

    How to make it work like a regular exe so it has access to current user profile.

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    We are excited to see if we can deploy Service Fabric on Linux (Ubuntu) cluster on premise.

    How to install Service Fabric (SF) in 3 node Linux cluster hosted on premise? How can we add/remove nodes in the SF cluster?

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