Episode 103 - Windows Azure HDInsight

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In this episode Nick Harris and Nate Totten are joined by Wenming Ye to talk about the recently released preview of Windows Azure HDInsight.  Wenming discusses the types of scenarios that Windows Azure HDInsight can help address, the different ways for a developer to interact with HDInsight and then demonstrates how to dynamically provision clusters running Apache Hadoop and how you can use them to process big data.   

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The Discussion

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    Sorry to nit pick but F# is a functional language and PowerShell is the scripting language on top of .NET. Scala is a Java-based language that bridges the gap between Java and C# language features.

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    Oops - refresh and resubmitted my form. Duplicate comment. Schoolboy error. Can't delete comment! Crisis. Must edit and type over the comment with this garbage.

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