Episode 106 - Scott Guthrie Discusses Windows Azure SDK 2.0

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The Discussion

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    Love the updates. The deployment and diagnostic changes look awesome.

    We're still waiting for Windows Azure Websites to come out of preview and have SSL support. It would at least be nice to have some visibility into why the top requested feature of one of the most popular services seems to have been delayed quite a bit.

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    Love the Service Bus message pump. A big cost savings for real time apps now that we don't need to poll.

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    @Jason: It is coming soon. Smiley I know we have been saying that for a while, but we are definitely aware that it is the top feature and we are working hard to get it added.

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    Great show, very nicely done. Thanks Nate.

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    cool features and great episode. thanks @ntotten and @scottgu

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    Without Azure Websites SSL all of this worth nothing... :(

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    Btw, there is a small bug with "Remote Desktop for all roles Settings". Don't know where to report so writing here. SDK allows you to set password which contains username. For instance, i can set login as "admin" and password as "aDmin123". After successful publish i try to connect. It fails, it says an error at "Local Security Policy Service", which gives me nothing. Probably need to add restriction for password field like Assert.NotTrue(password.ToUpper().Contains(username.ToUpper()))

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