Episode 107 - Service Bus updates in Windows Azure SDK 2.0

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In this episode Nick Harris and Nathan Totten are joined by Abhishek Lal – Senior Program Manager on Windows Azure – who demonstrates what's new for Service Bus in the Windows Azure SDK 2.0 update including OnMessage receiver, Message Browse and SAS.

Links to deck, demo source code and update shown on the show follow:

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The Discussion

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    Service Bus 2.0 for windows server when?

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    @emiliogg84: I think I heard something like end of this year. It doesn't look like Microsoft is going for a quick release. Unfortunately, this means that there won't be a unified service bus API for Windows Azure and Windows Server until they release the next version - 1.8 is the last release that supports both environments.

    Which is too bad Smiley

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    @Service Bus
    is there any updates to stop receiving messages in 2.0?

    will it run endlessly till it completes processing all the messages.

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