Episode 110 - Windows Azure BizTalk Services

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    Kent Weare

    This is an extremely powerful solution...SAP would love to charge you a lot of money in order to connect a mobile app to its systems using their platform.

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    For anyone waiting to follow Windows Azure BizTalk Services on Twitter: look for #biztalkservices, or #wabs.

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    What's going on? I was hoping to see a new episode by now to keep up with the latest Azure developments.

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    I am migrating my first app to Azure. It uses a pair of databases and there are 30 instances (29 stored procedures and one view) which use cross database queries.

    When I tried to publish my databases to an Azure counterpart the process always failed and the following error was shown:

    Reference to database and/or server name in '...' is not supported in this version of SQL Server.

    Is there any workaround besides combining both databases or rewrite the application code?

    Will Azure support cross database queries any time soon?

    Thanks in advance,

    Eduardo Quintana

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    Can the audio get fixed? Sounds like it's recorded in a cave. 

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