Episode 112 - Portal Enhancements, Monitoring, AutoScale, SDK 2.1, and More New Features

Play Episode 112 - Portal Enhancements, Monitoring, AutoScale, SDK 2.1, and More New Features


In this special episode Nick Harris and Nathan Totten provide an update on all the news related to Windows Azure from the last couple months of major announcements including:

  • Nathan says farewell to Cloud Cover and moves to a PM role in Windows Azure. We'll miss you!
  • Visual Studio 2013 Preview Support
  • Visual Studio 2013 VM Image
  • Visual Studio Server Explorer Enhancements
  • Virtual Machines - Start and Stop VM’s w/suspend billing
  • Cloud Services - New Emulator Express option with reduced footprint and Run as Normal User support
  • Service Bus - New high availability options, Notification Hub support, Improved VS tooling
  • PowerShell Automation - new Commands
  • SQL Server AlwaysOn Support
  • Notification Hubs: General Availability Release of Windows Azure Notification Hubs (broadcast push for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS and Android)
  • AutoScale: Schedule-based AutoScale rules and richer logging support
  • Virtual Machines: Load Balancer Configuration and Management
  • Management Services: New Portal Extension for Operation logs + Alerts

Over the course of the next several shows we'll start working through the above in detail.

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The Discussion

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    Bye Nathan.
    We'll miss you. I'll look forward to the new enhancements you'll be involved in making to the Azure platform. 

    PS: It would be REALLY nice if you could get some kind of Event Notification / Event Handler feature on the Azure Storage queues. Polling queues sucks. SQL's Service Broker is a significantly more efficient model & much easier to program too.


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    Nathan, always enjoyed what you brought in to the show.  Don't forget to make an appearance every now and then.

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