Episode 118: Location based Push Notifications with Windows Azure Notification Hubs


In this episode Nick Harris and Chris Risner are joined by Elio Damaggio, Program Manager on the Windows Azure Notification Hubs team.  During this episode you will learn how you can send easily implement location based/geotargeted push notifications using Windows Azure Notification Hubs.  Examples of scenarios where this may be useful can include; contextual remionders, weather alerts, retargeting customers of a specific store, sending coupons and marketing promotions by region.

The implementation consisted using the Geolocator class on windows phone to retrieve the users location.  As the location of the users device changes the Bing reverse geocoding API is used to turn that lat/long into an address.  Each segment of the address is then used to create notification hub tags against the registered push notification channel of the application - for example based on postal code, locality, county, state and country.  Then to deliver a notification to a specific area say postal code you simply send a notification to notification hubs targeted at the specific tag of interest.  This approach can be used to implement cross platform notifications targeting Windows Phone, Windows Store, Android and iOS apps.

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