Episode 122: Java on Windows Azure

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The Discussion

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    Hi. This is cool stuff, but Martin, is there currently a smooth way to deploy to Azure from a non-windows machine? The Eclipse-plugin seems to be dependent on the Windows-only Azure SDK.

    Is there some development being done here so you could push Java apps from Git directly into a Cloud Service for instance? I know you can do this for Azure Web Sites.

    Any information would be appreciated! Wink

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    C'mon, how can we take Azure seriously as an "open platform" as long as it's tied exclusively to Windows? Unable to deploy from any other platform hardly qualifies as "open" in my book.

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    Martin Sawicki

    hansol, I feel your pain... I and a number of my colleagues have been pulling our hair out trying to find a way to achieve cross plat support for quite a while now. ..And we actually own these tools!

    The reality we're working with is just that Azure PaaS architecture requires a cspkg file to wrap the deployment, and the only (sensible) way to create that today is via cspack.exe, and whether we like it or not, that tool is a Windows tool, it pulls in Windows-based binaries, and deploys into a Windows OS in the cloud.

    That's just how WorkerRole-based Azure PaaS works today, but again - a number of us have been looking for a way to enable the cross-plat dev tooling scenarios that you and a number of other people have been ripping us for. There is no easy answer, but I hope to be the first one to share the good news when we have it.

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