Episode 126: Using Sencha With Windows Azure Mobile Services

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    Hi there, I have been through all the documentation and code samples, however, when I call Ext.device.Push.register, I get no response at all.

    If I put this inside the controller init method:


    scope: this,

    'pushregistrationsuccess': this.onPushRegistrationSuccess,

    'pushregistrationfailure': this.onPushRegistrationFailure,

    'pushnotification': this.onPushNotification


     ...then inside launch()


    appKey: 'xxxx',

    appUrl: 'xxxx.azure-mobile.net',

    pushConfig : {

    windowsphone : 'channel_name',

    android : 'sender_id',

    ios : true



    I get no response at all.  I have defined, the push registration success and failure methods on the controller as:

    onPushRegistrationSuccess: function (event) {

    alert("onPushRegistrationSuccess: " + event);


    onPushNotification: function (event) {

    Ext.Msg.alert('Notification', event.message);



    I'm trying to get push registration to work in a Windows Phone Sencha app. Pls let me know if Windows Phone is not supported? I'm going insane. Thanks.


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    I think I answered the same question on Stack Overflow.

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