Episode 126: Using Sencha With Windows Azure Mobile Services

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In this episode Chris Risner and Nick Harris are joined by Art Kay from Sencha professional services. Sencha creates development frameworks and tools that help you design, develop and deploy applications for desktop and mobile devices.  In this episode Art demonstrates how you can use Sencha Architect to create a Sencha Touch application and connect that to a Windows Azure Mobile Services backend.  Demonstration includes discussion on how to implement authentication, push notifications and blob storage using the Sencha Ext API.

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The Discussion

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    Hi there, I have been through all the documentation and code samples, however, when I call Ext.device.Push.register, I get no response at all.

    If I put this inside the controller init method:


    scope: this,

    'pushregistrationsuccess': this.onPushRegistrationSuccess,

    'pushregistrationfailure': this.onPushRegistrationFailure,

    'pushnotification': this.onPushNotification


     ...then inside launch()


    appKey: 'xxxx',

    appUrl: 'xxxx.azure-mobile.net',

    pushConfig : {

    windowsphone : 'channel_name',

    android : 'sender_id',

    ios : true



    I get no response at all.  I have defined, the push registration success and failure methods on the controller as:

    onPushRegistrationSuccess: function (event) {

    alert("onPushRegistrationSuccess: " + event);


    onPushNotification: function (event) {

    Ext.Msg.alert('Notification', event.message);



    I'm trying to get push registration to work in a Windows Phone Sencha app. Pls let me know if Windows Phone is not supported? I'm going insane. Thanks.


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    I think I answered the same question on Stack Overflow.

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