Episode 127: Windows Azure Scheduler

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In this episode Chris Risner and Nick Harris are joined by Kevin Lam, Principal Program Manager on the Windows Azure Scheduler. The Windows Azure Scheduler allows you to invoke actions - such as calling HTTP/S endpoints or posting a message to a storage queue - on any schedule. With Scheduler, you create jobs in the cloud that reliably call services both inside and outside of Windows Azure and run those jobs on demand, on a regularly recurring schedule, or designate them for a future date.

In this episode Kevin demonstrates how to use the Windows Azure portal to:

  • Define a HTTP scheduled job that executes as a reoccuring job at a defined schedule
  • View job health including completed, faulted, enabled, disabled, status and errors
  • Scale between Free and Standard modes
  • View response http response from job execution
  • Discussion on Scheduler feature set surfaced in Portal verse API
  • Use fiddler to demonstrate how to request job definition, create a job directly, provide an error action that is called after subsequent failed requests directly against the REST API

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