Thanks to Chris and Nick, this was a lot of fun - great guys! And although appearances are deceiving, no, we're not related (I don't believe).

A few things I forgot to mention:
1. We now have a Java SDK available for those yet to see the C# light ;)
2. Compute Tasks API: We have a new adaption to the API coming soon where, rather than have to code up a JobSplitter to deploy to the cloud, in your application you can decide what job/task "splitting" makes sense and just fire Tasks at our API. This makes it much easier for arbitrary one-off tasks or where the splitting logic might benefit from being more tightly coupled to the application.
3. TaskProcessor Wizard: Another improvement we're planning for the SDK is the ability to create your TaskProcessor using a simple wizard (i.e. what is the executable to call, what are the arguments etc). Couple this with 2. above and you have an incredibly easy (even more so!) way to cloud-enable your apps.

I promised a blog post to go along with this but I see we're now live before I was anticipating so I'll try and get that finished ASAP and get it added to the notes.

Otherwise, feel free to email any questions to We'd love to chat about how we can help cloud-enable your apps!