Episode 136: WS-Federation and Microsoft OWIN Components with Vittorio Bertocci

Play Episode 136: WS-Federation and Microsoft OWIN Components with Vittorio Bertocci


In this episode Nick Harris, Chris Risner and Mat Velloso are joined by Vittorio Bertocci - Principal Program Manager on Azure Active Directory.  In this episode Vittorio the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) components which enable authentication through WS-Federation.  Using OWIN Vittorio demonstrates easily securing an MVC web application with Windows Azure Active Directory.  These modules help developers make their code safer and more secure by minimizing complexity and removing the requirement of understanding how authentication plumbing works.

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The Discussion

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    M A

    Would be better if you would edit out Nick's unnecessary "yes, right, I see, ..." comments and just let Vittorio talk.

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    thanks M A will rectify

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    Please, either remove the subtitles or make them match up with what the person is saying. Reading one thing and hearing another is very confusing.

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    I think it Nick's comments are OK actually, I think poor Mat's didn't get to speak much in this video :( maybe you guys should invite me next time

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