Episode 154: DocDB with Ryan CrawCour

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In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Ryan CrawCour, Program Manager for the DocumentDB team.  Ryan talks about DocumentDB, a new option for storage in Microsoft Azure that facilitates storage, indexing, and querying of JSON documents.  DocDB enables indexing of all fields in your documents without previously defining a schema and provides several options for ensuring indexes stay up to date including an option to index as you write data!  Ryan reviews the different options for maintaining consistency, storing data into your DocDB, as well as querying that data.  Using the .NET SDK, Ryan demonstrates querying data using a comfortable and familiar LINQ syntax as well as a more traditional SQL like syntax.  DocDB also has support for running JavaScript stored procedures as well as implementing triggers. 

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The Discussion

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    I absolutely cannot wait to dig into this!

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    Will there be some form of reporting service in the future? That's the only thing I'd miss from SQL server

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    @bl1: we plan on providing integration points in to things like PowerBI, HDInsight connectors and other Azure data services which are coming soon. So, in theory, yes, you could define your Hive jobs in HDInsight, process the map reduce work and use Scoop to dump in to SQL as one solution. Or, hook Power BI etc. directly up to DocumentDB.

    Hope this answers your question.

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