Episode 155: Offline Sync with Donna Malayeri

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In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Donna Malayeri, Program Manager on the Azure Mobile Services team.  Donna starts with a quick review of what Mobile Services is and then dives into the offline data storage capabilities available as part of the client SDKs for Mobile Services.  The offline capabilities make it easy to enable your mobile applications when they occasionally lose network connectivity or if they are only infrequently connected to the internet.  Since the changes made to enable the offline scenarios are all client side, this feature works regardless of if you're using a Node.js Mobile Service or a .NET one.  Donna demonstrates how to move from using the "always-connected" client code to using sync tables and sync contexts to handle offline connectivity and data storage.  She also reviews optimistic concurrency and how it enables easy handling of conflicts from either the server or client side.  Donna demonstrates all of this working on several client platforms.

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The Discussion

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    Jonas Eriksson

    Looks great! Is there also / do you plan to include local stores for browsers - or Cordova (PhoneGap)?

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    @Jonas: we do, but I don't have a release ETA yet. Getting it working on Cordova or browsers is pretty complex, so we're currently gathering feedback on our current design before we build that one out.

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    El Coop

    This is great - is this a solution for both mobile and PC devices? Can cloud apps with mobile services be created for a laptop PC to function off-line and sync when connected?

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    @El Coop: Yes, indeed!  The library is a PCL so it can be used for the full .NET framework.

    Btw, we've just released the final version of the offline sync SDK: https://www.nuget.org/packages/WindowsAzure.MobileServices.SQLiteStore/1.0.0

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    @DonnaMalayeri:To my mind the ability to clear the mobile service logs would be helpful. Particularly when testing new scripts, which for me involves writing to the logs quite often. They can become quite large, and to not have to scroll through pages of logs would help a lot and save on time.

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    David Broza

    This is really incredible technology, Im just wondering about performance of it on very large datasets are there any limitations?

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