Episode 160: Event Hubs with Elio Damaggio

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In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Elio Damaggio, Program Manager on the HyperScale Computing Team.  Today Elio talks about Event Hubs which just went GA, is a new feature of Service Bus which enables you to ingest events into the cloud at massive scale.  This is a critical service for taking data from many different sources including common IoT scenarios.  Elio demonstrates a very simple console application which sends messages up to an EventHub.  He then creates an Event Processor which handles processing those messages.  Event Hubs handles scaling out to however many processors you want.  Event Hubs makes use of the standard AMQP protocol so you can submit information to an Event Hub from nearly any programming language with an available library.  

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The Discussion

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    device id can be used as partition id does this mean that the number of devices is limited by the number of partitions (max 32)?

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    In which cases should you use events vs queues? They seem pretty similar. A producer creates and event/message sent it to a queue/event store and then consumers process the event/message?

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    Elio Damaggio

    @aldo: You should use a property called PartitionKey for your deviceId. What it does is that is hashes all your deviceIds (unlimited number) into your partitions.

    @scyonx: Event Hubs is specifically when your messages are events to be processed (e.g. stored and analyzed) at very high throughput. Event Hubs is not suited when messages represent units of work to be executed (e.g. a workflow) as it does not load balance multiple competing consumers. This means that a worker assigned to an event hub partition will have to process all messages in that partition even if other workers are idle.

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    @Elio Damaggio:Thanks for useful information about PartitionKey for deviceId. Really helps me!

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    Great introduction to event hubs. I'm just wondering why @13:50 when the second receiver is started, it seems to pick up all the partition 0 messages? Shouldn't it coordinate with the 1st receiver so that the 2nd picks up from where the 1st left it? It seems like it's doing this with all other partitions.

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