Episode 161: New API Management Features with Vlad Vinogradsky

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In this episode Chris Risner and Elliot Miller are joined by Vlad Vinogradsky, Principle Program Manager on the Azure API Management team.  Vlad joins us to go over some new features of API Management, most of which tie into security.  The first feature is the API Management REST API which enables you to administer your APIs programmatically including adding new APIs, adding content translators (i.e. XML to JSON), publishing your APIs, and much more.  Another feature shown is Delegation which enables you to delegate the responsibility for securing access to your APIs (managing, registering, and authenticating users) to your own service.  Client Certificates is a new way of securing the connection between the API Management proxy and your own services, wherever they are hosted.  The final feature demonstrated is OAauth 2.0 support for authenticating to any OAuth 2.0 provider and then using API Management to protect access to the APIs exposed by that provider.

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