Episode 162: Azure 2.5 SDK with Paul Yuknewicz

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In this episode Chris Risner and Mat Velloso are joined by Paul Yuknewicz, Program Manager on the Azure SDK team.  Paul joins us to talk about new Azure tooling features in Visual Studio 2015 as well as new features of the Azure 2.5 SDK.  Features demonstrated include:

  • Visual Studio VMs in the Azure gallery
  • Visual Studio account sign-in and multiple account support
  • Dev-Test Environment creation for Websites and Azure VMs
  • Azure WebJobs Tooling
  • Connected Services wizard updates
  • Enterprise SSO auth using AAD
  • Diagnostics support (errors on by default, dynamically enable / disable logging, crash dumps, ETW / Event Source, Azure VM Support)
  • Azure VM and Azure Cloud Service remote debugging
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Storage tools update for hierarchical blob folders
  • HDInsight

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    great show! well almost.. everything was perfectly awesome until the picture of Scott Guthrie in a non-red shirt. Now I don't know what to think

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