Episode 164: Azure Diagnostic Improvements with Boris Scholl and Saurabh Bhatia

Play Episode 164: Azure Diagnostic Improvements with Boris Scholl and Saurabh Bhatia


In this episode Haishi Bai is joined by Boris Scholl and Saurabh Bhatia, both Program Managers on the Azure Tools team.  Boris and Saurabh join us to discuss diagnostics improvements with the Azure SDK.  Saurabh starts by showing the new IaaS configuration page in Visual Studio which enables viewing endpoints, installing extensions, altering logging levels, and much more.  He then goes on to show how to create custom Event Sources in your code to better facilitate logging information from your applications and how to configure those event sources for your roles.  Also shown is being able to view the debug locally and see the debug information, something that will continue to be enhanced and made easier.

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    I'm not sure the removal of the code approach is a good idea... we have been trying to move away from M$ dialogues and XML for years, it feel like a step backward

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