Episode 167: Azure Release Management with Donovan Brown

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In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Donovan Brown, a Technology Solutions Professional from the DevTools team.  In this episode, Donovan goes over how you can use Release Management to control and automate deployment of your applications into Azure.  Using Release Management, it becomes easy to connect your source code repository to continuous integration, running tests, deploying to different environments, and requiring sign off, from QA for example, before pushing to the next environment.  In the video, Donovan demonstrates making a change to a code base he has deployed to several different site slots in Azure Websites.  He checks in an update to his website and database and shows the Release Management workflow to automate this going into a test slot where he can then check it before approving the push to production.

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    Cool conversation :) Azure seems the most fascinating of clouds. I want to know more since my little dissapointment with some limitations in the Google Cloud. I feel more blue every day. Going back to the Visual Studio place. Terrific job the one Microsoft is doing these days ;)

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    I've seen many of Donovan's sessions before, recorded or live.  He reallys know how to connect with the audience and always exceeds my expectations. Great job!

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